Bunker Business

More and more people are deciding to build or purchase bunkers for their properties to prepare for major disasters, an impending apocalypse, or even zombies (thanks to The Walking Dead). While some of the reasons for acquiring a bunker are incredibly extreme, other reasons aren’t so far fetched. Either way, the bunker business is taking off, and there are so cool options out there! Check these out:

Homemade Safe Room/Storm ShelterScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.05.51 AM

If you call yourself a handyman, with some elbow grease you can build your own bunker that will protect you and your family from hazards such as strong winds, tornados, and other natural disasters. The Family Handyman provides great details on how to build your own safe room and the many uses it can serve.

Corrugated Pipe BunkersScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.14.23 AM

This company builds a shelter out of corrugated pipes. They boast they are strong enough to survive a nuclear attack, and if you scroll through all the pictures on their website, it appears you could do so while watching TV on your leather couch. Buried deep within the ground, these shelters are great for protection from storms, intruders, and apparently even nuclear weapons. They have several options available to you that allow you to customize your bunker as you’d like.

The Zombie Fortification Cabin (Seriously. That’s what it’s called.)Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.57.11 AMThis bunker will set you back $146,000 with all of its upgrades such as a garage, enclosed vegetable garden, solar panels, security cameras, and riot gear. Don’t worry though, with that steep price tag the company offers a 10 year anti-zombie guarantee…

The Ultimate BunkerScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.22.43 AM

Made from solid-steel square construction, this mobile bunker can be towed and placed wherever the buyer would like. It is then buried underground, and has about 4 feet of ground cover above the unit. You are also able to choose the size, floor plan, and outfitting of this square bunker. Some argue a square bunker is superior to a pipe bunker because it allows you to utilize the space more efficiently. However, pipe bunker enthusiasts will point out that the pipe bunker can be buried much further underground.

The construction and use of underground bomb shelters and bunkers were very popular in the Cold War Era, and the business is making a huge come back. People are, once again, looking for ways to keep their family safe in extreme situations, and the options are endless. Which type of bunker appeals the most to you? Homemade, pipe, square, zombie-proof? The sky’s the limit!