5 Keys to Getting Where you Want to Go in Life

There are 5 keys to getting where you want to go in life.

  1. Know your outcome. Get clear. Clarity is power! This is the first place you need to be before moving forward. Most know what they don’t want, but few know what they want. Where focus goes, energy flows. If our focus is on what we don’t want, that’s where we spend our energy – and we get stuck. Once we get clear about what we do want, that’s when our brain focuses on that and makes it happen.
  2. Know your Why. Don’t worry about How – that’s where we almost always get stuck. Figure out your why and move forward. Your must be a MUST. If it is “should”, it won’t happen. You are only committed to a course of action when it becomes a “MUST”.
  3. Take massive action. This means changing your habits, getting our of the rut, making a huge turnaround, taking a chance, stepping up.
  4. Notice your results. Make sure you’re going in the right direction and make adjustments.
  5. Change your approach if your current course is not getting you where you want to be, and be persistent until you get there.

Change your focus, change your life.

Today’s quote reminded me of the time that I was at a Tony Robbins seminar when he asked us to look around and remember everything that was green. He then asked us to close our eyes and recall everything that we saw that was red. All I could remember was the green. I couldn’t remember seeing anything that was red.

Dan Sullivan

Tony was teaching us about life and relationships. His point was that in life and relationships, we only see what we look for. If we expect and look for love, joy, beauty, and success, we find it. If we expect and look for pain, sorrow, rejection, and failure, we find it.

And you know what?

He’s right. Change your focus, change your life.

Life is so much more a function of what we do, rather than what’s done to us.

Situational Leadership

Ken Blanchard — a management expert, author of The One Minute Manager and creator of Situational Leadership. Blanchard has created this business language and a framework for employee development that transcends cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries.

I wanted to discuss the development model he’s come up with and address how leaders engage and customize Situational Leadership specific to the level each individual contributor is in.


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A Christ-like Approach to the World We Live In


When looking for a Christ-like approach to everything that has been happening since Cain’s murder of his brother Abel up to the recent ISIS attacks in Dallas, Yemen, Kuwait, Libya, Copenhagen, Chattanooga, Brussels, Ankara, Egypt, Beirut, and Paris, what should our Christian response be?

I’ve seen everything from “kill them all”, to “close our borders to any and all refugees”, to “just love and be happy”, to “just concede and don’t bother them and they’ll leave us alone.”

There is so much I want to say – starting with my belief that each of these statements is based on either ignorance, fear, or naïveté.

I want to make 5 seemingly unrelated points, yet when combined, form a solid policy for moving forward:

1) We Must Stand with France, As They Have Stood by Us

Just to start, I want to point out that as Americans we have seriously underestimated and mercilessly bashed the French ever since they refused to back President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s ill-advised 2003 foray into Iraq, when, in fact, they exhibited a much more mature understanding of foreign policy and cultural awareness than our leaders. The French, our oldest ally, without whom we would not exist as a nation today. The French, who have many times firmly stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the face of threats and hostilities. The French, who gifted us one of our greatest symbols of liberty – the Statue of Liberty, which stands tall in the New York Harbor – even in the midst of the 9/11 attacks. The French, who despite our rude and petulant behavior and attitude towards them, still love, appreciate, and stand with us.

French President Francois Hollande states that this latest attack will result in merciless retribution on the part of France. It is time for us to once again stand with our French brothers, as we once did. In our abdication of leadership in this area, they will now necessarily step into the void to lead the world against this cancer (as interestingly, Putin has as well – despite his ulterior motives). The least we can and should do is stand with the French.

2) Islam Breeds Violence

There are many good, kind, and wonderful nominal and moderate Muslims, and I count many of them as dear friends and a few as family. However, as a religion, Islam is a religion of death, violence, and subversion whose intent it is to conquer the world by the sword mercilessly spilling blood until all bow the knee to Allah and Muhammad. We can deny either of these seemingly conflicting points because of fear, ignorance, or naïveté, yet all one must do is really get to know some of the gentile and kind-hearted people, and then also study and understand the Koran and Hadith to understand that both statements are true. What we then understand is that many times Islam is not truly a religion followed, but a cultural and societal agreement that binds people who are otherwise peace-loving and generous. However, when followed as a way of life and religion according to the Koran and Hadith, Islam turns into a destructive bloodthirsty world-conquering strategy straight from the pit of Hell.

3) Problems with the “Kill Them All” Philosophy

The call to “kill them all” is frankly ignorant and hateful and not at all reflective of Christ or responsible world leadership. Check your motives and your heart. It’s seriously off-kilter and dangerously reminiscent of the same worldview we claim to fight against. This is yet another philosophy straight from the pit of Hell.

4) We Can’t Just Ignore the Problem

The admonitions to “just love and be happy” or even to “just concede and leave them alone and they’ll leave us alone” are very naïve. Ignoring the problem or pretending in a Pollyannaish way that it doesn’t exist is just as dangerous and ill-advised as the above. Concession never results in peace – it results in oppression and subversion.

5) We have Always Been at War

We were born into a world at war. It is a war of God versus the forces of evil lead by Lucifer and played out by his demons and human forces. The only hope is Jesus.

As Christians, what should our response be to these recent incidents?

We love and pray, and open our hearts and homes to these who are suffering under the sword. We help those who are homeless and driven out of their homes by war. We lead them to the foot of the cross and pray that the light of Christ is revealed in their hearts and minds.

Yet we maintain vigilance and are prepared to stand in the gap to resist the Devil and his forces by fighting evil and warring against the culture of death. This is not fear. It is wisdom and responsibility.

We do not live in paranoia and fear. But we do live in a state of alertness and vigilance, loving and living with kindness and goodness, yet prepared to meet out wrath to those who come against us with intent to maim, kill, and destroy.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can, and must be, both.

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2 Habits that Will Help you Succeed and Maintain Focus

There are 2 habits that will help you succeed and maintain an incredibly optimistic abundance-focused view of the future. Sometimes we laugh about those who talk about the power of positive thinking – but it works. When we start our day negatively, our day usually doesn’t turn out very well, we struggle through it with low and negative energy, and we don’t leave the type of life-changing impact on others that we want to. When we start positively, it sets the tone for a successful day, keeps us

Sometimes we laugh about those who talk about the power of positive thinking – but it works. When we start our day negatively, our day usually doesn’t turn out very well, we struggle through it with low and negative energy, and we don’t leave the type of life-changing impact on others that we want to. When we start positively, it sets the tone for a successful day, keeps us energetic and motivated, and affects and infects others with the same positive mentality.Continue Reading

Why You Need to Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

A recent report put out by the Center for Disease Control confirms some not so surprising news. Americans are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables. In fact, only 13.1% of American adults eat enough fruits, and only 8.9% consume enough vegetables to meet daily requirements for optimal health.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

But why does that even matter? For one thing, eating more fruits and vegetables increases your overall intake of essential nutrients— nutrients linked to reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and even some forms of cancer! Do I have your attention yet?Continue Reading

Reflection on Marriage

Beautiful wedding couple is enjoying wedding

Marriage is the one thing in our lives that has the greatest positive or negative effect on our well-being, psyche, and success. It impacts all we do. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing we do. That’s why I’m addressing it here.

Unfortunately, most of us marry young, before we have much knowledge and experience, not realizing the effect and import marriage will have on our future, and not truly knowing who we are, who we’ll become, or what type of partner we need.

In the US today, 40-50% of marriages end in divorce (to include 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc… marriages). Many more are unhappy or even miserable, yet persevere – let’s say another 40-50%. That leaves a small minority that are actually happy and functioning well.Continue Reading

Bunker Business

More and more people are deciding to build or purchase bunkers for their properties to prepare for major disasters, an impending apocalypse, or even zombies (thanks to The Walking Dead). While some of the reasons for acquiring a bunker are incredibly extreme, other reasons aren’t so far fetched. Either way, the bunker business is taking off, and there are so cool options out there! Check these out:

Homemade Safe Room/Storm ShelterScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.05.51 AM

If you call yourself a handyman, with some elbow grease you can build your own bunker that will protect you and your family from hazards such as strong winds, tornados, and other natural disasters. Continue Reading

8 Health Benefits of Avocado

Avocados have become one of America’s favorite fruits, and for good reason. Whether mashed up in guacamole, added into a smoothie, or on a piece of toast with a little salt and pepper, its a delicious fruit with benefits in every bite. Here are 8 reasons to incorporate this super food into your daily diet.

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31 Blessings to Pray Over Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. It also is one of the most difficult gifts to protect, especially in a world with constant headlines about divorce, infidelity, and fleeting relationships. We all know the horrifying statistic that around 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. But what if I told you that you could reduce that percentage to less than 1 percent? Easily.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.11.03 PM

Several studies confirm that couples that pray together, stay together. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your marriage, and we all should be, develop a consistent routine of studying The Word and praying together. Continue Reading