7 Easy Things Parents Should do with Children to Make Them Feel Loved


Kids grow up quick. You don’t want to look back and realize you have missed out.

At times, it seems like you are hanging on by a thread.

For example, you take one kid to practice, and pick another child up from practice. Then there is homework to contend with, they have to be fed, and you have to play mediator when disputes arise with brothers or sisters.

Sounding familiar?

Then there is your work schedule to contend with. You have those demands on your time too. To get things done, you spend time on your phone while taking kids to and from places.

At home, you do the same, even on the weekends, in the name of efficiency. Missing out on those little moments is easy.

Tricking yourself into thinking that you are fully present, just because you are physically present is a challenge we all face as parents.

Take a look at the seven tips listed below to help you break that cycle:

1. Cherish bedtime every night. Seek to make it special. It should be an event. Read them a story. Even adults like a good story every now and then, and children are no different. Children crave this sort of attention, and it actually helps their brain development. It can also be extremely beneficial to establish a routine with them. Pray together, give them a hug and a kiss goodnight, and turn on some classical music before you leave the room. All of these things affirm your relationship with them, and create a pattern that they can find comfort and security in.

2. Be a Kid Again and Join the Fun. There is a tendency to make your kids feel over scheduled. In Kathryn J. Kvols book, Redirecting Children’s Behavior, she states that we give our children over 200 compliance requests per day. Most of the time, we don’t even realize this. The best way to combat that, is to simply let your hair down, and have fun with your kids. Go outside and play with them, or let them play a board game with you. They will enjoy the togetherness, and you will enjoy the break from being a taxi driver.

3. Don’t pick favorites. The best way to do this is by spending quality time with each child individually. It’s easy to treat your kids like a herd, since everyone is usually together. Children love individual “daddy time” or “mommy time”. It’s a great way to let them know that they are special just because they belong to you. Let them help with chores, or be a part of meal preparation. It all makes a difference.

4. Engage With Them. The easiest way to do this is to look directly in their eyes when speaking. Not only are you letting them know they have your full attention, you are setting them up for success later on. If they are taught to make eye contact at an early age, they will have this social skill well under their belt when they are older.

5. Put your iPhone in Timeout. Our phones instantly connect us to everything, all the time. They also disconnect us from the relationships that are closest to us. Kids pick up on this. There should be a set time every day when your iPhone is simply turned off. This small acknowledgment will let your kids know that you are giving them your full attention. The best time for this is right after school, since they will be excited about their day and want to tell you everything that happened.

6. Turn around that frown. This is probably one of those things you should be doing more anyway. It’s easy to get caught up with daily stress and put on a plain face. However, smiling at your children when they enter your space instantly shows them that you value their presence. It affirms them. So go ahead, break that plain face, and smile at your kids more. You will notice the difference almost immediately.

7. Listen to them, even when it’s hard. I know that might be difficult at times, but this really lets them know they are significant and valued. It lets them know that you want to hear them out, and what they have been doing is important.

The key foundation to happiness is simply feeling loved. Practicing the tips listed above are great ways to do just that. Start using them now, and you are likely to set your children up for success, as they progress to adolescence and adulthood.

Question: What tips or strategies do you do with your kids to make them feel loved?